Minneapolis Printing Services for for PRODUCT IMPORTERS

Taking your Imported product to the final steps with printing, documenting, and packaging

When your imported product arrives safely stateside, congratulations are in order! An imported shipment represents many hours spent on research, enquiries, and negotiation. Your product took days, weeks or even months to travel from port to port, whether by land or by sea. At UniversalPromo, we are mindful of all the work you have invested before you even say “hello” to us.


That is why every member of our team is committed to provide you with consistent, efficient and compliant service. From printing to shipping, we offer a wide array of services that save product importers from costly delays or errors. Product importers have come to rely on our experience to ensure their product stands out from competitors and holds up in the hands of customers.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage with Graphic Design

Every day customers have nearly a thousand options for every product. Product importers can gain a competitive advantage through professional branding designs. An engaging design may make the difference between your imported product sinking and swimming. Appealing and prominent branding invites new customers to choose your product. It also builds brand trust with repeat customers, for the imported products you sell now as well as the future.

UniversalPromo offers graphic design services from our in-house team. Our designers employ the latest programs in the design process including the full Adobe Suite and Corel Draw. We help product importers develop clear and consistent branding conventions that will look great on all of your products. In fact, we specialize in two-dimensional designs for transfer onto three-dimensional surfaces. Our expertise can save you from frustrating delays and expensive problems associated with inconsistent or erroneous printing before import.

We offer scanning, prepress and pre-production services. In addition to logos and branding designs, we offer corporate materials including ads, banners, and letterhead. We can help companies develop a full corporate identity kit that includes these items and more, custom-tailored to the needs of your business.

Pad Printing and Hot Stamping Result in Clear Designs

UniversalPromo specializes in two types of printing services: hot stamping and pad printing.

Hot stamping involves a heat transfer process that imprints foil or pre-dried ink on plastic surfaces. We use metal dyes for flat surfaces and rubber dyes for contoured surfaces. The hot stamping machine heats and pressed against a product’s surface for transfer. We offer a huge variety of top-quality foils that come in a spectrum of colors. Our foil selections include gloss and matte finishes as well as a variety of opacities to match your design specifications.

Pad printing utilizes silicone pads to transfer two-dimensional graphics onto three-dimensional surfaces. UniversalPromo utilizes Class VI Medical Grade Inks, high-quality inks that are even safe enough for medical implant devices. The inks dry quickly and last for a long time; they are also highly resistant to water, chemicals and other sterilization methods.

Our team of engineers design custom pads for clear and consistent transfers, even on irregularly-shaped substrates. We have the capabilities to print on large surfaces and very small. We can print on surfaces that are smooth or textured, flat or curved. We offer pad printing for a variety of substrates that include the following:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • PVC
  • Pebax ®

Do you have questions about the best printing process for your product? We are happy to answer your questions! Feel free to contact us.

Documentation Benefits Product Importers Now and Later

Every step of the way, UniversalPromo documents every printing process to ensure project repeatability and adherence to safety standards. From medical devices to magnets, we complete every project in a clean room environment. We manage personnel and equipment processes as well as other factors such as airflow. To protect all products from contaminants, we regularly subject our space to thorough cleaning.

There are several reasons we document our services for product importers, such as the following:

  • Protection of intellectual property. For importers pursuing a patent or other protection, our documentation provides evidence of a product’s development timeline.
  • Even faster turnaround next time. Documentation ensures you are as happy with your hundredth order as well as your very first. It also results in faster turnaround time on repeated projects.
  • Demonstration of compliance standards. For importers seeking compliance approval from the FDA or other governing bodies, our documentation processes demonstrate the integrity of your product while in our hands.

In addition to process documentation, we also offer material safety data sheets upon request.

We Respect Your Privacy

UniversalPromo works with clients who need reliable, confidential support during their product development process. Inventors, medical device designers and others trust us to maintain safety standards and protect intellectual property. We hold your trust in us as one of the pillars of our business. After all, our success depends on you, as well as your product’s success.

Kitting, Assembly and Shipping From Under One Roof

In the world of product imports, the line from A to B is not always short and straight. Unforeseen delays during manufacturing, customs and printing can result in significant blows to your ROI. Some of these delays occur due to the distance between international manufacturers and domestic importers. Choosing to complete these services domestically allows greater control over timing and quality.

UniversalPromo offers many services in-house with a fast turnaround time. We complete all of our services at our production facility in Maple Grove, MN. In addition to hot stamping and pad printing services, we offer product assembly, kitting and packaging services to prepare your products for distribution and sale. We have a variety of packing options that include the following:

  • Cello wrapping
  • Drop sealing
  • Shrink wrapping

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

We meet your project with 40 years’ of experience. We represent a team comprised of experts who understand how their work ties to the work of their team members. UniversalPromo trains all of our employees to understand the services we offer in design, engineering, production, assembly and customer service. We all work together to bring you consistent, quality service with fast turnaround times.

Let UniversalPromo shorten and straighten your product’s journey to Point B. Contact us to get started!