Minneapolis Pad Printing for Product Engineers

Take your product to completion with Quality and reliable printing


UniversalPromo recognizes that innovation requires both balance and focus. We work with Product Engineers who must successfully balance multiple elements of the development and production process without losing sight of time efficiency, cost avoidance and safety standards. By the time your prototype or product arrives at our production space for printing, we understand it represents hours of thorough research, concept design, prototyping and evaluation.


We do not take your hard work lightly! As a Product Engineer, you are creating solutions in ever-changing and fast-paced markets. That is why we give our best to your project and ensure your path from plan to product involves a quality, consistent and efficient experience. At our production facility in Maple Grove, MN, we work with clients to develop a plan that results in timely and consistent project completion. You can expect us to work with you through every step of the printing process, including design, prototyping, revision and production. Our expert team of graphic designers and print engineers use top-quality software, tools and products to ensure your product adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our clients save money and time when they choose UniversalPromo’s services during their production process by decreasing costs associated with equipment, staffing and training. When you utilize our services, you are applying the very best technology, tools and experience available. Once your product takes off, you do not need to worry about demand outgrowing your production capacity. Our team has the capabilities to expand the scale of production to match market demand so you can embrace growth and focus on the future.

As Product Engineers, you likely understand your product’s success begins with customer focus. For over 40 years, UniversalPromo’s focus on our customers has made us industry leaders in pad printing services. You can rely on us to offer the same level of consistency and care from us no matter the size of the project. Your retail partners and customers can depend upon you, and you can depend upon us.


Elevate Your Product’s Marketability with Quality Graphic Design

Product Engineers have thoughtfully shaped the form and function of their product to meet market demand. An important aspect of communicating the value of both your product and your company to customers involves its marketability. Elevate your product’s marketability and establish your company’s visual power with the help of UniversalPromo’s in-house graphic design team.

Whether you are looking for product labeling designs or developing corporate branding, UniversalPromo is here to help! Our graphic design professionals will work with you from the earliest stages of your project timeline to ensure the labeling and packaging of your product accurately reflects the quality of your design and company.

Our graphic design team uses the latest color-matching technology and software, including the full Adobe Suite and Corel Draw. We specialize in designs that will translate clearly onto products composed of various shapes and substrates. Ultimately, the quality of your finished product will benefit from attention to detail in this step in the printing process. Our graphic design team will ensure your logos, labeling and other design requirements print on your products consistently and professionally. We can support the graphic design aspects of your product through scanning, prepress and pre-production services.


Mantain your branding with Colorful, Customizable Inks and Foils

UniversalPromo offers two methods of printing: pad printing and hot stamping.

Pad printing involves the transfer of ink from a silicone pad to the three-dimensional surface of your product, which we call a “substrate.” This printing process is ideal for products with contoured or textured surfaces. Does your project have tricky curves and crannies? Don’t worry! Our team of engineers can customize our pad printing machines to tackle even the most complex surfaces.

For every pad printing project, UniversalPromo utilizes Class VI Medical Grade Inks. These inks have passed testing for bio-compatibility and drug resistance, rendering them safe for a variety of applications in medical and non-medical contexts. We use the latest color-matching technology to create inks of every color on the spectrum. Do you need to adjust the opacity of your labels or logo? No problem! Whether you want bold and bright prints or a subtle watermark, we can do it.

Foil stamping uses foils and dies to imprint designs by heat transfer onto various substrates. If your product includes flat surfaces, this printing process is be a great fit! We have a robust supply of foils in solid and metallic colors, and dies in both silicone and magnesium. We source the best materials designed for crisp, clean impressions and long-lasting durability.

We complete printing projects in a dedicated clean room environment to protect the integrity of your product. We offer documentation particular to every printing project to ensure repeatability and compliance. If requested, UniversalPromo will provide you with data sheets detailing material safety, as well as compliance certificates for inks.

UniversalPromo steadfastly commits to supporting your product’s reliability, even in the smallest details. We have expanded our background in medical device printing services to apply the same safety standards to every printing project. For UniversalPromo, the quality of our products and processes is an absolute must. Our Class VI Medical Grade Inks and foils resist sterilization techniques including exposure to heat, water and chemicals.


Ready, Set, Go! Have your products market ready with our Assembly and Packaging Services 

Are you ready to distribute your product after printing? Product Engineers can save additional time and monetary costs by relying our team to prepare your product for distribution. In addition to design and printing services, UniversalPromo can assemble and package products for our clients in our production space. We complete the partial or full assembly and kitting of your products in dedicated work cells for organization and consistency. We carefully document all of our processes to meet client specifications and applicable compliance standards. Clients can choose from a wide array of packaging methods to ensure their product is well-protected and organized! Our packaging services include shrink wrapping, blister packaging and drop sealing.


Please contact us with any questions you have about our services. We are happy to support your unique vision and requirements!