Minneapolis Pad Printing for Pharmacies

Extending your brand through quality pharmaceutical product Pad printing 

UniversalPromo offers a wide range of quality, custom pad-printed products that connect your pharmacy’s brand with high standards of patient care. Our expert staff uses cutting edge pad printing services to produce unique branded medical and promotional supplies for pharmacies that hold to the industry’s highest design and safety standards.

Minneapolis Pharmaceutical Pad Printing 

a wide array of options for your various printing needs

For UniversalPromo, “variety” means more than our printable products. While we take pride in our wide array of products and services, we really celebrate the variety we encounter in our unique clients. Yes, we’re talking about you! We care about your particular product needs because you are at the core of UniversalPromo’s company values. Our clients have been our focus for over 40 years.

With every client and every job, we commit to uphold our values of fidelity and compliance. These are the pillars of our business. These values made us industry leaders in medical device printing. Most importantly, our commitment to our clients has benefitted our clients!

You can depend upon our professional team to achieve excellent results. If you need a one-time small order, we’re here to take care of it! If you have ongoing needs for large-scale product printing, we have you covered! UniversalPromo has developed the industry’s best processes to ensure printing jobs of all scales are completed efficiently. We will work with you to develop solutions according to your specifications.

For products that best fit your branding needs, UniversalPromo offers a wide range of customizable pad-printed products. Some of our best-selling products for pharmacies include the following:

Do you have a product in mind for printing that you don’t see? UniversalPromo’s fully-staffed graphics department can adapt your pharmacy brand design to be printed on a variety of surfaces for the product that best fits your business. Ask us about custom printing services. We would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Extending your brand with every print

Well-designed corporate branding conventions ensure consistent and professional brand recognition for your customers. Our fully staffed graphic design team is ready to help you develop branding conventions for our pad printing services. Our professional designers utilize the latest tools in the design process, including the full Adobe Suite and Corel Draw. We specialize in the optimization of branding designs for compatibility with a variety of substrates that include:

  • Polyurethane

  • Polypropylene

  • Polyethylene

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • PVC

  • Pebax ®

To ensure consistent brand recognition, UniversalPromo’s graphic design team utilizes the most up-to-date color matching technology for your foil-stamped and pad-printed products. We can even adjust the transparency of your company logo for your product order. Our professional designers will work with you from the very beginning of your product order. We work together early in the ordering process to make sure your finished products display the very best results. The services our graphic design department offers include scanning, prepress and pre-production for pharmacy logos, brochures and ads.

Quality ensured through medical grade inks and clean room printing environments

UniversalPromo specializes in quality pad printing services that uphold the highest standards of safety for the medical industry. All products are printed in a clean room environment on equipment suitable for medical supply printing. Promotional products are also printed in a clean room environment. We document our printing processes and procedures to assure your products meet compliance standards. Documentation also establishes an accurate and repeatable printing process.

We brand items using the best medical grade inks and hot stamping foil. The term “medical grade” signifies compliance with the highest level of FDA safety standards for printing. We utilize Class VI Medical Grade inks in our pad printing applications. These fast-drying inks are impervious to chemicals, heat, gas and other sterilization techniques that make them safe for medical usage. Additionally, Class VI Medical Grade inks pass testing for bio-compatibility and drug resistance.

Our expert team will work with you to determine the best process for your pharmacy branding needs. Generally speaking, pad printing best suits products with tubular or curved surfaces such as oral syringes, medicine cups, pill boxes and more. Hot stamping generally works best on flat surfaces such as health and safety magnets, bags and note pads.

Real Life Impact: aiding in patient adherence

UniversalPromo offers a wide range of products that help pharmacists and patients establish a sustainable routine for home health treatment. Every year, millions of Americans depend upon pharmacies for their healthcare needs. Nearly half of the U.S. population has used a prescription drug in the last 30 days to support their healing and health. However, reports estimate that only half of these patients adhere to prescription guidelines. Non-adherence raises the risk of treatment inefficiency and higher healthcare costs for patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “adherence” as “the extent to which a person’s behavior—taking medication, following a diet and/or executing lifestyle changes, corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider.” Adherence to medication recommendations include correct timing, dosage and frequency.

Both intentional and unintentional factors impact patient adherence. Intentional factors include their values and experiences regarding illness, treatment and the healthcare industry. Intentional factors remain a challenging territory for pharmacies to navigate with clients.

Unintentional factors include instances in which a patient forgets to take his or her medicine or misunderstands recommendations when purchasing a prescription. Health care professionals cannot ensure perfect patient adherence to prescription guidelines, nor can they eliminate all unintentional instances of non-adherence. Pharmacists can improve the likelihood that patients will adhere to recommendations by providing relevant tools.

UniversalPromo offers useful products that impact consistency and sustainability of patients’ home treatment plans. We offer calendars or pill boxes that help patients remember when and how to administer prescriptions. We also offer informational products like health and safety magnets to ensure patients have vital knowledge relative to their health.

We are here to support you as you support the health and safety of your customers. If you have any questions about our pad printing services or productsw, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to turn your ideas in high impact realities.