Minneapolis Pad Printing for Inventors

Customizable and Quality Printing Services for Inventors’ Products


There is a story told across many traditions of a group of men who stand in the dark and describe the elephant standing with them. One man describes the elephant as a “trunk;” another as an “ear,” and still another as a “leg.” Each man assumed a different creature, based upon his reach! We can apply this story to the innovation process. Whether inspiration for a product suddenly strikes mid-REM-cycle or develops through years of careful research and evaluation, the marks of successful inventors remain the same. Inventors’ visions become realities when they collaborate with others to expand their understanding.

UniversalPromo teams up with inventors to accomplish their goals for product development. We offer top-notch printing services for diverse applications, substrates and shapes. Inventors developing custom products find strong support from our talented team of graphic designers, engineers, pad printing operators and customer service representatives. Not only do we use customizable printing equipment and top-quality materials, but we bring over 40 years’ experience to every project. Inventors expect consistent, compliant results. UniversalPromo delivers.


Graphic Design for the Intersection of Ideas and Objects

By the time you include UniversalPromo in your product development process, we are mindful of the months—even years!—you have invested into its form and function. You have come this far with a brilliant idea. What is your product’s purpose? How is it used? You can answer these questions right away, and you want your customers to be able to as well. After all, the distance between intent and impact is the difference between success and failure. That is where our graphic design team comes in! We will make sure your graphic designs achieve your desired impact.

There are several benefits to investing in a good design. An appealing design may influence first-time purchasers to give your product a try. For repeat customers, a unique design ensures quick brand recognition. Your end-users rely on clear graphics to understand how to use your product. The bottom line? Investing in quality graphic designs improve the marketability of your invention.

Our in-house graphic design team specializes in optimizing two-dimensional graphics for transfer onto three-dimensional surfaces that include the following:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • PVC
  • Pebax ®

We use the latest programs to develop and edit designs, including the full Adobe Suite and Corel Draw. UniversalPromo works with inventors at all stages of the product development process, including the following:

  • Prototypes: We can help you with working and final prototypes that help generate feedback, pass compliance requirements, or crowdfund for mass production.
  • Pilot production: You have revised your invention after multiple rounds of feedback, and you are ready to test the production process for the first time. At this stage, we can help ensure all printed designs translate consistently and clearly ahead of ongoing mass production.
  • Mass production: We will ensure every graphic translates smoothly to ensure the fastest and highest quality production process possible.  Our services include scanning, prepress and pre-production.
  • Corporate identity kits: We will collaborate with you to design logos, marketing and promotional materials that reflect the vision and mission of your company. We can design custom letterhead, posters, banners, brochures and more.

Inventors often have unique or specific graphic design needs for their product. Please contact us with your vision, and will help you bring it to full fruition!


Our Documentation and Confidentiality Protect Your Invention

Inventors face many decisions prior to the manufacturing and sale of an invention. Do you plan to license your product to another company, or produce it yourself? Will you apply for a patent? What safety standards must your product meet before it hits the shelves? Whatever route you take to get your invention off the ground and into the hands of end-users, documentation will be a critical aspect of the process.

Documentation provides evidence of your development timeline, which is particularly important when you work on a prototype for patenting purposes. With comprehensive documentation, you will see consistent and high-quality results from the first printing project to the thousandth. Making sure you document your invention’s development process will demonstrate its safety and quality for prospective corporate partners.

At UniversalPromo, compliance is core to the work we do. We specialize in medical device printing services that require the highest standards of safety and compliance. That is why UniversalPromo completes every printing project in a clean environment and uses Class VI Medical Grade inks.  Whether your invention is intended for medical use or not, we use the same processes and materials for every printing project. Inventors work with UniversalPromo prior to patent applications, licensing their invention for manufacturing and sale, or seeking compliance approval from regulatory bodies such as the FDA. You can trust our expertise in protecting your invention during the printing process. In addition to documentation of the printing process for your project, we can provide you with material safety data sheets upon request.

Confidentiality is as important to UniversalPromo as compliance. Inventors can trust our team to maintain the strictest level of confidence regarding your invention’s design and intended use. Our team succeeds when our clients succeed, and we intend to offer trustworthy, reliable service that exceeds your expectations.


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Save Money By Using Our Equipment and Expertise!

Inventors can spare themselves the high costs of dedicated printing equipment, labor, materials and training by working with UniversalPromo. We use the best pad printing and hot stamping equipment, programs, inks and foils available. Our Minneapolis-based team of designers, engineers and operators collaborate on your project using time-tested techniques to complete your printing project the right way, on time, every time.

The sooner your prototype, pilot product, or market-ready product is complete, the sooner you can share your great idea with the world!


We Love the Thrill of a Good Question

Do you have a question particular to your invention? Are you wondering about colors, timeframes, or cost? Let’s talk! We get a thrill out of working with clients who bring unique projects to the table. We want to make sure you get a thrill out of working with us, too.