Minneapolis Laser Engraving

Freakin' Laser Beams!

turning everyday items into your business swag

As you run your business, you are full of great ideas on how to spread the word. How do you take your idea and make it a reality? Universal Promo, your Minneapolis laser engraving company, is here to help. We offer in-house laser engraving on aluminum and wood products.

With our top-of-the-line laser engraving machine and our team of experts, you can custom design your business promotional products. We can laser engrave your carabiners, wooden nickels, or other favorite product and turn it into marketing for your business.

how it works

We take your logo or artwork and bring it to life. The best materials for our laser engraving machine are aluminum and wood. We often engrave flashlights, aluminum water bottles, and tire gauges. Let's get creative and design the promotional items that work best for your business. 

our process

So, just how does custom designing your own business swag work?  Our process is simple:

Minneapolis laser engraving

Capture your idea

The first step is to contact our customer service department with your initial idea. We'll walk you through options and get you started on the process of creating your amazing product.

Paint Brush-50.png

design Creatively

Once we've finalized your laser engraved product order, our art department gets to work. Simply send over your artwork or collaborate with our graphic design department to create a design you'll love. 

Minneapolis laser engraving

laser engrave away!

It's production time! Our laser engraving operator gets to work and engraves your product. Get ready to start handing your new permanently items to ecstatic customers. 

Getting started with your idea

Getting started is easy. Just contact us and we'll guide you through the process from your idea to your eye-catching engraved item.