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Pad Printing Pricing

1) Understand pad and foil printing capabilities

Check if your product is perfect for pad printing:


Not all product print surfaces are print ready. Pre-treating or cleaning of the print surface may be required prior to printing.


Lighter inks may require more than one run to show opaque if printed on a dark surface. This will impact the price.


If the printing surface of your product is made up of complex curves, your artwork may become distorted.


Printing on a colored surface instead of a white surface slightly changes how the color of the ink appears. We can do a PMS color match within 10%.


If your artwork contains thin lines or small type, there may need to be adjustments in order to produce a product with readable prints. The smallest type that we can print and maintain readability is a 4pt sans serif font in all caps.


There are costs for shipping, unpacking, and packing your product. Any printed product is susceptible to damage during shipping, and repacking your product to protect the ink must be considered.


We cannot print on finished products, with the exception of USB drives. Printing on a finished product (such as a clock or a cell phone) or on a container filled with product (i.e. a cosmetic) could result in damaged product.


If we need to modify our printing materials to accommodate your product, we will charge a tooling fee. This is a one-time fee charged on your first order. Note: this is not purchasing the printing materials from us and is considered to be a “rental” fee of our printing supplies.


2) Get Clear Upfront Base Pricing

The following is for plastic types ABS, PVC, and PC, printed in one location with single hits of ink. Maximum image diameter of 2” on a product no bigger than 1” x 3” x 4”. Polypropylene and nylon plastics are pretreated to allow the ink to adhere to the surface. Pretreating increases the quote charge by a few cents per unit. Pretreating may leave wet marks on some plastics, so be sure to send us samples for testing.

A minimum purchase of $250 is required on initial orders. Repeat orders require a minimum of $175.


One color:

Setup: $100
Up to 500 units: $.18 ea ($75 minimum)
2000+ units: $.14 ea

Two color:

Setup: $125
Up to 500 units: $.22 ea ($75 minimum)
2000+ units: $.19 ea

Three color:

Setup: $150
Up to 500 units: $.29 ea ($100 minimum)
2000+ units: $.25 ea

Four color:

Setup: $200
Up to 500 units: $.39 ea ($100 minimum)
2000+ units: $.32 ea

Silicone inks require heat flashing between each print as well as several hits for full opacity. The parts are oven cured for four minutes at 350F after printing. Silicone ink choices are limited, and we only do one-color prints.

Pad print with Silicone Ink:

Setup: $100
Up to 500 units: $.89 ea ($75 minimum)
2000+ units: $.79 ea

Screen print with Silicone Ink:

Setup: $100
Up to 500 units: $.95 ea ($75 minimum)
2000+ units: $.89 ea


3) Get Started With A Custom Imprint Quote

Follow these 4 Steps to get your quote:


Mail 3 samples of your product. In order to test our ink and make sure we have fixtures for your product, we ask for three samples of your product (note: these won’t be returned).

Mail product samples to:

Universal Promo, Inc.
11229 91st Ave N
Maple Grove, MN 55369


Email a PDF file containing your vector imprint art. We do not work with other file types such as JPG, BITMAPP or PNG. Vector artwork is scalable and is based on curves and lines rather than pixels. When creating your PDF, ensure all elements in your document are vectors, including fonts.


Send a diagram or example of the size and location of your print. This can be a CAD drawing or something similar.


Describe your packaging and repacking needs. Depending on your product, unpacking and repacking can take up to the same amount of time as printing.



All set?

Draft an email to pwill@universalpromo.com



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